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    2006 Optimax 225 ECM will not connect to DDT and shuts down after firing

    I have a buddy that just purchased a 2006 Triton with a 2006 Opti-max 225. The motor has very few hours on it and has been sitting for years (PO had a heart attack). At first, he had no spark and no fuel. He had corrosion in the ignition switch and the low pressure pump in the VST tank was all corroded. He replaced both of those and now has fuel and spark. The motor will fire but then has a constant alarm and immediately shuts down. He suspected it may be the oil pump float and he wanted to know exactly how many hours were on it. He took it to a marina that tried to scan it and they said that when they hooked the DDT to the ECM that all they got was a blank white screen. They referred him to another marina that was a Merc dealer. When he took it there, they said it would not connect to the DDT at all.

    Any help on the shut down issue as well as the connection issue between the ECM and the DDT would be greatly appreciated.

    I saw on another user's post that there is someone named Simon that does an excellent job rebuilding the ECM's. Does anyone have contact info for Simon?

    Any and all help is much appreciated.

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    Google Simon Motorsports

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