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    Bow Power Trim Switch Issue On 2018 Z19

    Have a new 2018 Z19 and was fishing in rain this past Tuesday. Rained steady all day and after several hours motor trimmed down on its own and trim motor kept running. I quickly tried pushing all trim buttons and no success. Turned master power button off on dash and trim stopped. Throttle trim and signal trim worked so knew it had to be bow switch. Contacted dealer on way home and they called today to say Nitro just sent them a bulletin stating an issue with the bow switch trim going up or down in rain and they would be switching vendors. Problem is the new switch will not be available from Nitro until July 18th.Talked to Nitro today and told the same thing and were very apologetic Not that big a deal if you don't fish tournaments. I fish tournaments and cannot aerators without turning on main power button or run electronics. Just wanted to let you guys know in case you have the same issue during rain.

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    Pull the front panel and disconnect power wire to trim switch. This is a temporary fix and should allow others to work.

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    As said above pull panel , and if your like me you have a switch you don't need that will work haha could be the nav/anchor light switch only difference is it won't spring back to neutral, also you can buy a 10$ switch anywhere and it will work, just think it through
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