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    Propeller for Cobra 175 XD with a Mercury 150 EFI


    Im looking to get a new prop for the boat. I have a Cobra 175 XD with a 150hp Mercury EFI. I am currently running a 4 blade and i want to go to the 3 blade. Does anyone know where I could find a manual somewhere to help me find out what pitch i should be running? Also, what propeller is everyone running? I think i want to get either the fury or the temptest, but i would like to hear what everyone else is running., Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    I currently run a tempest and have heard of many others running them with great results. I hear the fury isn't as good from a few friends running them (they all prefer the tempest). I don't know what pitch will work best, probably a 20 to 23 or so... There's a prop forum that may have a better suggestion on what to run, though I bet you'll get an answer here.
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    Most of the Mercury 150's listed in the "Viper's Owner's List" are turning Tempest+ 23, but they don't show any results. Viper. It would help if you could provide your current setup (boat load, jack plate, center of prop to pad height, speed/RPM's @ WOT). If your boat isn't setup right before you start trying different props then it becomes a crap shoot and a lot of wasted time. As for the Fury, I believe the smallest size is a 24p and that probably is too much prop for your 150. They are a stiffer prop and it takes more RPMs to turn them. It would probably be like turning a 24p or even a 25p Tempest and your hole shot would probably suffer. If you plan on getting a Tempest + then I would hang onto the Trophy if possible, if it's in decent shape, because not only would it serve as a spare, but it would come in handy when you expect to carry a heavy load or in windy conditions. A 4-blade prop will provide a better hole shot, mid range, and better control (bite) than a 3 blade prop which normally provides a better top end. A lot will depend on how your boat is setup and what kind of a load (people, gear, etc.) you normally carry.
    I have a 201 w/200efi and I like the Tempest+ props, but I switch from a 23p for heavy loads to a Tempest+ 25p for light loads.
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