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    BBC Rules For Posting In Personal Sales Forums PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!

    Rules of engagement for this forum and some suggestions.

    Overview: This forum is intended for Personal Sales only. Any posts deemed by moderators to be a business venture will be deleted.

    • 1. Provide a clear description of the item such as the manufacturer, model number and year. State the exact quantity you intend to sell. Posts not having quantities for sale will be deleted. Provide an honest assessment of its present condition. Pictures are worth their weight in gold.

    • 2. List your asking price (This a Requirement) as auctions will not be conducted here. Also whether or not shipping is included. List the acceptable methods of payment. No paypal as a gift!

    • 3. We require that sellers and buyers in the Swap & Sell forums have their FULL NAME AND E-MAIL ADDRESS in their profiles. If your name, email or both are missing from your profile your post will be deleted without exception! Provide reliable contact information.If you do not plan to check the post replies or IMs you should provide an alternate means of contact such as a telephone or mobile number.
    • Everyone participating in the swap and sell forums needs to update their profiles with full names and email addresses ASAP to avoid post removal.
    • Below is a link with clear, step by step instructions on adding your email address to your profile.
    • Below is a link with clear, step by step instructions on updating your full name, location, and other personal information:

    Click on your user name,...if the info does not contain "Send Email" like this one your post will be deleted

    • 4. Update your posts! Please edit the post when the item is sold or otherwise unavailable so that other members will not waste their time with their inquiries. I will delete posts that have not been updated by the originator to reduce the clutter.

    • 5. Do not post items on BBC For Sale Forums that you also list on e-bay, they will be deleted without exception! All posts that have your items also available on ebay will be deleted.

    • 6. If you do not have anything nice to say, do not post. If you think someones asking price is not inline with normal prices, PM/IM the seller and let them know.

    • 7. Please put WTB items in the WTB forum. ALL WTB items posted in Swap & Sell Forums will be deleted.

    • 8. Do not request or send PayPal as a gift payment. Either include the fee in your price or request a specific amount in addition to your selling price. The gift option does not provide ANY protection for the buyer and was not intended for use in the purchase of items. Buyers, beware if a seller asks for a paypal "gift" payment in private!

    • 9. Keep your threads limited to TWO only on the front page. Your posts in excess of 2 on front page will be deleted!

    • 10. Do not post lures or items you make and sell(for profit or hobby) If you want to sell items you produce shoot Al a PM about becoming a board sponsor.
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