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    Re: Performance Gains (kk4iz)

    The Phase II Kit consists of our Recreational Heads (higher compression), Carbon Fiber Reeds, Exhaust tuner, and solid engine mounts. The cost for this kit is $1534. Approximate gains with this kit are 45hp and 4-6 mph depending on your set up. This kits requires you to run a MINIMUM octane of 91, because of the higher compression heads.
    Don't know of anyone in your area off the top of my head, but you can bring it here to have it installed. And its HYDRO Tec - not HYPER Tec.

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    Re: Performance Gains (Mat_HT)

    Must be getting all hyped up about it to

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    Re: Performance Gains (Mat_HT)

    Mat, I once talked to you on the phone about my V-Max 03 250 OS motor. You told me the lower unit higher water intake was not avaliable for that motor. With that in mind how much performance would I pick up with A 21 DC Hawk boat with a phase 11 kit and lighter fly wheel? Stock I am going around 70 with 20 gallons at 5700 rpm? I would like to get around 75mph. Mark Ritz in Madison Al is a good Yamaha mechanic and I am sure is capable of doing the mods. The other options is just to order a power head from you that is done or ship you mine and let you work it over.

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    1995 prov Yamaha 200, 17' Hydrostream Varmit bass boat, 24 pitch tillman yamaha drag prop, total weight 1375 pounds, gained 200 RPM with HT carbon fiber reeds. Thanks Martn

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    what will a phase 2 kit do on a 2006 hpdi 175 ? rite now with my set up 64 mph at 6g .

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    running a 07'rangerZ20 with yam.225,10"atlas,25t1.. tournament load was 70-71 GPS. i blow motor,had HT bore cylinder an went with there pistons,installed the ph.2 kit. now with a 27t1,i ran by myself it ran rite at 75 GPS @5900,with partner in a tournament with full live well 73 @5700,i thought it would have been faster,but its better than before. like to know if doing the porting the reeds an big bore trottle body will help get it to 77-78.

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    I wouldnt do any porting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 210blazer View Post
    I wouldnt do any porting.

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    What the best bang for the buck to start w a stock 225 HPDI recently tuned up?
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    Stock, 200 ox66 my best was 71.2 gps and with phase 1 my best is 75.1 and the idle is much smoother with little difference in fuel usage.

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    2007 Z21 ranger.
    250 hpdi stock ran 69.9 with two guys full tourney load 25t1
    phaseII ran 74.4 two guys full load with 25T1 put a beat up 26 I have for a spare and ran 75.2 just me with a full load
    Love it!!!!! Sending my 25T1 to Mark Croxton for PVS holes and some tweaking and going to try a couple different 26's on it think I might see 76+ in the cool weather.

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    How have your motors been holding up with the hydro tech mods?


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    Hey Mat I have a couple of questions for you. I have a 2005 Champion 206 with a 2005 Yamaha 250 HPDI VMAX. I am using a 25T1 prop and can only get about 5300 RPM and 65 MPH. My hole shot is good for 2 people tournament loaded but is kind of slow when the live wells are full and my gas tank is near full. I want to increase the speed of the boat and get a faster hole shot and I am thinking about sending my motor to you for a phase III kit installation on the motor. What do you think that will do for me regarding my hole shot, RPM's and MPH. And how much additional horsepower can I gain. Also, what kind of warranty do you offer with these modifications?

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    Phoenix 20 PHX with 250 SHO - running stock 25 T2 prop ...before the flash with a loaded boat and two people 74.2 mph at 6125 rpm...after flash 77.4 at 6235 rpm...Flash is good for solid 3 mph gain without re-propping..think with a 26 T1 I'll gain another 1-2 mph..

    79.8 mph run my buddy made by himself while I filmed from shore..Lithium Pros going in next week!

    Updated - changed prop to 28 Bravo XS - hit 81.4mph with one person, and 79 with two and load of gear
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    Blazer 650 Nizpro

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    1999 20' Dual Console Rocket, stock SHO 200 ---- 73 mph fish loaded. tour troller, 3 batteries, full tackle, with passenger
    Flashed with same set up, 84 mph
    Installed ultrex, lithums, and still went 84 mph
    Installed Power Pole Sportsman II top speed now is 80 in the cold and 77 in the heat.
    running a 23 solas scorpon or 27 Bravo FS @ 6300-6600 rpm depending on the weather.
    91 allison xb2002, 96 mercury promax 225 (Sold)
    99 Rocket 20DC, 2012 Yamaha V-Max 200ish SHO

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