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    Lake Springfield, Sangamon Co

    Please include as much info as possible.

    Weather conditions
    Water temp
    Topograhic details (points, drop-offs, humps, etc)
    Type of cover
    Water conditions

    Steel City Bassmasters - Granite City, Illinois

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    Re: Lake Springfield, Sangamon Co (Rudeman)

    3/8/2010 - 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    Cloudy/ Overcast
    Air Temps - Low 40's
    Depth - Fished warm water cove, less than 12 ft. of water
    Water Temp - 58 degrees
    Cover - boat docks and laydowns
    Water conditions - stained

    Not a single bass bite. Caught a few crappie and one small white on a beetle spin. Busy day; lots of boats. Not much happening with the bass though. Picked up and went to Sangchris around noon.

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    Re: Lake Springfield, Sangamon Co (Rudeman)

    We fished the Guard Tournament 6/27, water temp was 83-85, winds south west at 10-20, big storm moved through mid morning and was overcast most of the day. There was a pretty good topwater bite early before the storms began. We caught over 100 fish throughout the day. Many were solid fish in the 14"-14 1/2" range. Not keepers but fun to catch none the less. We were able to bring 4 to the scales and broke off a couple of good ones. 90% of our fish were caught on jigs after the storm in 5-10 ft of water off the rock banks. Fishing is picking up for sure... good luck

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    Re: Lake Springfield, Sangamon Co (Rudeman)

    Open Tx for Shrine Hospital for Children
    Rain Saturday night until 10 am Sunday then got Hot
    Tx 7am to 2:30 Sunday
    15 Teams 49 fish caught 110.45 Lbs. Big Bass 4.81
    Air Temp. 75 - 90
    Water 73 - 85 Stained to Muddy in places
    Shallow in grass on white spinner and plastic beaver pumpkin

    Sponsored by; Champaign County Bass Masters and Illini Shrine Club of Champaign

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