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    Otter Lake, Macoupin Co

    Please include as much info as possible.

    Weather conditions
    Water temp
    Topograhic details (points, drop-offs, humps, etc)
    Type of cover
    Water conditions

    Steel City Bassmasters - Granite City, Illinois

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    Re: Otter Lake, Macoupin Co (Rudeman)

    4/5/2010 8:00-3:00

    Overcast all day, wind changing directions all day. The water was 60 degrees on the north end and 55 on the south end. A storm blew through last night and the water looked like chocolate milk. The cleanest water was obviously on the south end and it was only about 8". I fished high and low and threw everything in the box, only managed 4 short fish on a spinner bait and crankbait. Had a couple taps on a jig too. It was a pretty disappointing day to say the least.

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    Re: Otter Lake, Macoupin Co (Rudeman)

    Anybody fish Otter lately? Would like to go this weekend and was curious about what the fish might be doing. Haven't spent much time on this lake. Do they go deep?


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