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    Rend Lake, Franklin/Jefferson Cos

    Please include as much info as possible.

    Weather conditions
    Water temp
    Topograhic details (points, drop-offs, humps, etc)
    Type of cover
    Water conditions

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    Re: Rend Lake, Franklin/Jefferson Cos (Rudeman) we go. Fished a club tourney this weekend. Pre fished Friday...0 fish. partly cloudy, windy and I think the high was around 65. Fished mostly South, but did hit the Islands. I had 2 bites all day.

    Saturday...Blue bird skys...not sure of temp but at least 70...wind 15+. Fished mainly the East side of the lake...all the coves. I had 2 bites up until 2PM. Pulled into a little cove and proceeded to catch 7 fish off a lay down in 3ft water, but very close to deeper water. 5 fish were short....missed a 3.5 that spit the hook at the boat and then boated 2 fish (3.71 total)

    Sunday...Blue bird skys and hot! Wind maybe 3-4 mph. Went back to the "spot" caught 2 shorties. Had a massive hit, saw the fish, then she wrapped me around a bush and broke me off. We leave and come back an hour later. I throw to a bush in the vicinity of my spot. Bait is hanging over a branch...I start bouncing the bait in the water. Wham...big female breaks the surface and inhales it. Scared the chit out me She may have been on a bed cuz the water was 64 degrees. Anyway I set the hook and have her on and she breaks me off in the bush. I should have gone to braid or a heavier line, but this was the first time I fished Rend. I had 4 or 5 shorties and missed two mammas for a total of zero fish.

    Baits that caught fish: Rayburn Red XCalibur rattle trap and Lake Fork Tackle Hyper Stick

    I definitely found fish on Sat and Sunday and would have most likely won if I landed one of the big fish. I think I ted for 3rd. I believe 5.71 won as a 2 day total. There are so many "great looking spots" but obviously the fish didn't think so. Water temps ranged form 59- 64 degrees.


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    Re: Rend Lake, Franklin/Jefferson Cos (Rudeman)

    Rend Lake May 21 - 23

    Weather - Hot 80* - 95*

    Water - High two to three feet above normal and stained for the most part

    We had a Paralized Veterans Tx there on Sat. and Sunday with good numbers of fish brought in. The anglers that were on fish reported catching them on about anything with the majority saying crank baits on the rocks and jigs. I know of one boat that reported culling his way through 25 plus fish to come in the top position.

    I was not so lucky and only managed four very nice keepers. They were still enough to place me in 15th out of 40 plus boats so not a great day, but the cause was more than worth it to fish with these folks.

    By the way I have to say that the water on both Saturday and Sunday was the flattist I have ever seen Rend. That lake has a rep. for being rough and I would agree with that when it is storming, but this was almost scary smooth.

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    Re: Rend Lake, Franklin/Jefferson Cos (Rudeman)

    17 july 2010 12:00 noon till 7:00pn
    hey guys just wanted to update the lake report for rend.
    caught a decent limit with a 4lb kicker.
    caught all fish on a wat. candy brush hog
    6-10 feet edges of stump fields.
    deep was the key. if you could find a deep point in the stumps you were on em'
    wish i could give more info but i dont know the lake to well.
    North end very stumpy!!!

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    Re: Rend Lake, Franklin/Jefferson Cos (Rudeman)

    fished the shriners tournament on sept. 25. the week before the air temps were in the 90's. that daycold front blew in with 20 mph wind, rain and 55 deg air temp.
    fish were still biting. alot of fish caught in 3 ft of water or less. most fish came from stump fields and brush piles in shallow water. water temp was aroun 68 to 71 deg. 16.8 won it. crappie really turnin on right now just about anywhere you want to fish.

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    Re: Rend Lake, Franklin/Jefferson Cos (Rudeman)

    24th october, launched at gun creek and then had to battle conistently rougher waves. riduclously rough. didnt catch much. we fished for crappie. lots of harvesters out there fishing with 5-10 poles on a mount. left around noon and headed down to cedar lake.

    when windy this is certainly a lake you must take the time to do a drive by and check water conditions. wow.

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    Re: Rend Lake, Franklin/Jefferson Cos (rangervic)

    Ive been stuck in some nasty nasty stuff on Rend too. How was Cedar? I hear its about to pop and get really good down there?

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