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    Bracing a large privacy fence gate

    I'm putting in a privacy fence and am working on the large gates where my driveway is. Two gates that are each 10 feet wide and looking for recommendations for bracing it. Appreciate any recommendations or ideas.

    The first picture shows the gate frame. If I added bracing where the red is, will this provide any additional support to help prevent the gate from sagging or am I adding unnecessary weight? I've also added a fence caster to help provide support at the end of the gate as seen in the second picture.

    The frame is put together using two 4 inch lag screws at each of the butt connection points. The inner bracing is secured to the frame using pocket holes, screws and glue....on a separate note, first time I've ever used the Kreg Jig to make pocket holes. Man what a neat tool, sure beats trying to toe nail the bracing.

    Not sure if the pickets will help add any rigidity. The pickets are not nailed to the frame, they kind of "float" and are sandwiched between two 1" x 2" at the top and bottom and both sides as seen in the pictures below.

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