Hope everyone is well.

For those of you that are buying and/or selling boats right now, this will not come as any surprise, but the boating world is going through the craziest time I have ever seen.

Covid (yeah there is that excuse again) coupled with many folks being forced to readjust their disposable or discretionary income, has meant a boom to the recreational world. Every manufacturer is having issues with parts and pieces. Mandated Social Distancing all the way through the supply chain and hiring being as hard as it is means delays everywhere.

If you are buying a new boat or RV, and the dealer doesn't have the unit in stock, you may have to be patient or settle for something that is in stock. Gone, for the time being anyway, is the time when someone can go into a dealership or call a dealer and contemplate a purchase for weeks, without a financial commitment. Inventory is just selling that fast. I bet we see 3 or 4 deals a week that someone's dream boat gets sold before they can finish a deal. The same goes for used boats/RV's. Here are a couple tips that may make things a bit smoother.

* Plan your purchase. Have your finances ready when you find what you want. Talk to your lender about timing and down payment. Communication saves time.

* Have a back up plan or alternatives. If you limit yourself to a brand and a model, be prepared to wait. After all for most of us, these boats or RV's are lifestyle choices.

* When you find "The One". Commit to purchasing by giving the seller a deposit. Make an offer with that deposit. Have a purchase agreement drawn. Get a receipt.

We will be happy to help anyone during this process. Whether or not you are financing or not, we can guide you through the process and help by giving you a road map of sorts to get the purchase completed.

We have a huge pool of dealers from which to draw too. So if it is a unicorn you are looking for, we may know where one is.

We hope everyone has a great season and stays safe.

Todd and Jodi Dreysse

517-294-0459 Cell