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    USA 1987 Hydra Sport Aero cobra 120 Rebuild project

    The Hydra Sport has a Mercury 115 hp inline 6 cylinder engine. The electrical is not hard to figure out but the live wells are.<br>The boat has not been in the water for several years but the motor has been started on occasions. It was said to have run two months ago. Could not test because of tilt and fuel tank being full of old fuel. He used external tank to test.<br> The following is bad and will have to be replaced.<br>Tilt motor/pump Already replaced and works. Man don't want to do that again. Motor has to be tilted up all the way then the the tilt motor/pump assembly has to either be completely removed or dissembled and pump put in first then motor and back bolt holding it is a pain to get in.<br>Fuel tank cleaned (have already removed and drained tank inside looks clean.)<br>New fuel fill hose. Have yet to find one.<br>Batteries<br>Bilge pump froze up Have yet to find replacement.<br>Live well pump froze up Have yet to find replacement.<br>Navigation lights, have not looked for replacements.<br>Carpet<br>Steering is tight might have to replace the cable not sure it it can be oiled to free up?<br><br>The top edge around boat needs repainting the bottom of boat looks great.<br><br>Live wells<br>&nbsp;It has one live well motor for both front and rear live wells or at least that is all I can find and both hoses going to the back are hooked to same motor using a tee. The one pipe from the bottom of the rear live well has a valve operated by a slide on the side next to the fishing seat. I think this is a drain control for the back but have not found one for the front. if anyone knows where it would be located or if a plug is used please let me know.<br> &nbsp;<br>So I am guessing that the pump pumps water from the rear of boat to live well then is overflowed out the other top hose. The thing that has me bugged is it has a front live well switch up front and a rear live well switch on the console but I have found only one pump. So could be hooked up to run same pump or the second pump is gone. If you know about these please let me know.<br><br><img src=";stc=1" attachmentid="446185" alt="" id="vbattach_446185" class="previewthumb"><br>Any advice on the live well operation or in any aspect of this rebuild would be greatly appreciated.<br><br><br>
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