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    Garmin Transducer & Motorguide xi3

    I'm at a loss! I purchased a Garmin Striker Vivid 9sv which came with a Garmin GT52HW-TM Transducer. Separately, I bought an xi3 with GPS, Anchor mode, etc..

    I want to use my 9sv and transducer stand-alone with a side mount bracket on my Kayak. Will my xi3 still have all the capabilities (GPS, Anchor mode) without being connected to my Garmin? If not, how do I pull this off without buying another MotorGuide $150 transducer and MotorGuide to Vivid connector cable?

    Thanks RicHoll

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    your xi3 with GPS model should work as designed for anchor mode by using the hand remote or foot pedal, no need to buy any extra stuffs to make it work, it is nothing to do with your transducer. The only function need connect to sonar unit is you want your trolling navigate the route you made on sonar unit, but that wont work with Garmin unit, only with Lowrance unit using pingpoint gateway to connect xi3 to Lowrance unit.
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