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    How much do you practice?

    Between work, family life, kids sports and fishing, i just dont have the time. Was in a band a few years ago with a couple guys from work and that took lots of time away from fishing and family life. Now i am lucky to pick up one of my six strings once a month.

    How much time do ya'll practice/play?
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    I've spent more time lately teaching my son to play the drum set than playing myself. Probably get more into it again after my boys are out of HS, maybe even try to find a wedding band or something to do.

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    Banjo- at least an hour a day or more, only been playing bout a year...
    Guitar- between practice and gigs, about 12 hours a week.
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    about 10-12 hours a week myself but I'm a beginner. I really need alot more than that!!
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    I don’t consider what I do truly practice. I’ve been playing for 35 years now so it’s more like I pick up the guitar and play for about 10 hours a week. Pre-covid, I would practice a lot more because I’m in two bands so I’m usually learning a couple new songs or practicing ones I haven’t played in a while. And that’s the key-just have fun with it! It never feels like practice then. There are weeks where I barely touch it. But those are good too as when I do grab it again, it feels fresh to me and I play better.
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    Piano, maybe 1/2 hr to 1 hr daily. Digital Accordion, twice as much.

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    A few years ago I ahve a lot of time to pracitce. But now I have the same situations as you. A lo tof family problems, job, children... If I find a feew hours per week it is like something impossible but I feel the happiest person in this moment.

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    I play 6-8 hours a week, mostly playing lead over backing tracks on YouTube but I try to actually practice an hour or so a week as well.
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    I play acoustic guitar

    I used to play 1-2 hours a day

    have not really played it much for over a year

    always seem to be tied up in other projects

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    I don't practice. Practice was what I did when I gigged, especially with others - even then it meant learning the tune, the structure, how I would play my bit. Right from the start over 50 years ago, I have never done exercises - only played tunes.

    I play for the pleasure of hearing the guitar sing -as Wyllys puts it. I might play a few favourites or work on one or two news tunes that are coming together. If I have a problem with something along the way I work through it, but not to let it get in the way of the enjoyments of playing.

    No regular routine either, playing 2-3 hours some days and sometimes not picking up a guitar for a couple of days or more - so much 'fresher' when you sit down again to play.
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    Use to play for hours almost every day nowadays maybe once or twice a week for a few minutes to an hour at a time.

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    Trying to get back into it. The last two years have been rough on me. My dad, (93) isn't doing well, we all know the covid impact especially trying to keep a plant running, and I am seriously putting retirement plans together. I have 5 guitars that need my attention. This weekend, I struggled on some songs I used to play. Yes, I need to make time for what was once a very relaxing hobby.

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    I don’t want to practice, I want to skip ahead to the part where I’m awesome! LOL!

    Really need to get to get going on the mandolin, but sometimes it’s just easier to not play.

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    Not as much as I should (and need)