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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelJ3 View Post
    1) You should still be under warranty with 100 hours and 1.5 years...
    2) Suggest you post over at the Merc Forum, include your S/N in the post, Don usually has good advice..

    I believe generally that 250 ProXS has been a good motor...

    I still have a lot of warranty on this motor .... Another 3.4 years. I'm not having issues getting things replaced under warranty but when is enough ... enough ? 8 or 9 times in the shop this summer .... Multiple tows off the lake . Every time this thing breaks down on me it costs me money. drive your boat 3 hours one way to a shop then 3 hours home. Do the same trip a few weeks later to get it to break down again ? Repeat above another 7 times in a short short season up here in Canada. I keep hearing the same things.... " you have warranty" What about losing a full season of using my $100,000 boat (Canadian funds) What about being towed in ? Gas and time driving it all over Ontario and even Newyork to be looked at .... I'm not looking for handouts but looking for merc to step up and i just don't see that happening.

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    I agree, your dealer should be stepping up, if not, then yes, I would definitely escalate to a higher power in Merc. May be time for a well placed e-mail...but I still would recommend a post over in the Merc forums...

    I have had a flawless 160 hours on mine (except for the 2 weeks it was in for new lower unit after I left a big chunk on a rock in Lake of the Woods -- my fault).
    2016 Ranger 1850 LS Reata / Merc 150 4s / SmartCraft / Lowrance HDS Carbon SS3D

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    Lets get this to the Mercury Forum...............Lots more information over there to be found.......................RR

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