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    Remanufactured engines at Autozone

    My son has a 1998 GMC- C1500- 2wd- with a 305 V8 engine, his engine is on it's last legs. he was at Autozone the other day, and saw remanufactured engines that could be ordered thru them. There are 2 Surefire engines, a VCMC & a DCMC. Anybody ever buy one?, and if you did, are they OK? They also have a direct replacement engine, no name was specified. All 3 carry a 3 year warranty, he's trying to get prices for all 3, but, the price is not posted on the web.

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    Re: Remanufactured engines at Autozone (YammyChamp200)

    Have him price a GM new or remanufactured crate engine. I'll bet it's competitively priced.

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    Have him check on a new GM crate motor for sure. Got a 350 for a GMC Yukon a year ago for $1500.00.
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    Re: Remanufactured engines at Autozone (YammyChamp200)

    Please find out who re-mans these engines before you buy. I ask Autozone about them about 3 years ago and they were from the same people who re-mans Advance Store motors. I have one in from Advance in a van in my back yard that has 1200 miles on it which is a replacement for the first one that started giving trouble at a 1000 mles and it took me 19,000 more miles and many phone calls and mechanic reports to finally get the second motor from them and I had to pay the labor. They may have changed wo they get them from by now but if they haven't I wouldn't have a free one if I had to pay for it being put in. I can probably find the receipt with the warrany and the name of the company if you need it. I would definately check on a crate from GM for sure.

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    Re: Remanufactured engines at Autozone (planningoff)

    Go Jasper for replacements. IMO

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    Re: Remanufactured engines at Autozone (Chris M)

    GM crate ONLY! Trust me;)

    It's not worth it to save a couple hundred bucks down the road.

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    Re: Remanufactured engines at Autozone (Chris M)

    <table width="90%" cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 align=center><tr><td>Quote, originally posted by Chris M &raquo;</td></tr><tr><td class="quote">Go Jasper for replacements. IMO</td></tr></table>
    I have not had a problem with a Jasper motor

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    Why not upgrade to an EFI motor while you are at it. If you want to save money look into a junkyard. Else go Jasper.

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    My not so smart brother did a 454 thru A Z back in the 80s. fired it up and was so out of balance even the mech he took it to after installing could not believe how bad it was. Go crate if possible.

    Now on the other hand there is a place in Hazel Green called D&D inc my brothers father inlaw got a good deal thru them on his chevy z71 305 to a 350 and had some one install it for around 1200. It ran good and is still not had a problem. I may go that route on my 95 bronco.
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    Auto zone is my last choice for any auto parts! It's ok for chemicals, neon lights, and go fast stickers but Napa and O'reilly's are alot better cGhoices for parts. Jasper engines are ok but I would really look at a factory GM motor. The price of a 305/350 crate motor may just shock you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReelDoc View Post
    Have him price a GM new or remanufactured crate engine. I'll bet it's competitively priced.

    I worked several years in a GM dealership and thats the way to that time they were called TARGET motors and were not too badly priced.

    Good Luck!

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