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    Question 06 Triton Marine Master Trailer- Brakes

    Brakes seem to be hanging up.

    - Leftside rim is getting hot (1 to 10, they are a 7).

    - Rightside warm (1 to 10, they are a 3).

    Replaced the left side caliper.

    Pads looked in good condition, reused them.

    Replaced bearings and races with Timken bearings/race.

    Bled the leftside caliper using the Pushrod release bracket and stroking the Pushrod.

    Took it for test run experiencing the same condition on both sides.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Jack up the trailer and spin the wheels by hand, if there is excessive drag there then that is most likely your problem casuing heat. If your rotor has thick and thin spots (some call it warped which it is not) then that can also cause binding which can only be solved by turning the rotor or replacing the rotor.

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    How hot is the left side getting? Can you hold your hand on the hub at all?

    You need to bleed both sides after opening the system. My experience has been that people often look to the wrong side for a brake problem. Unless your left side is getting insanely hot, it may be that your problem is that your right side isn't braking enough rather than a hanging problem on the left.
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    I believe Mark is spot on about jacking up the trailer and spinning the wheels. This should give you an idea if one or both is in a bind. Catfan also has a good point....if your right side is frozen and not able to squeeze in to help in braking...then all the braking is being done by the left wheel which is definitely going to put a load on that wheel and increase the temperature on that side.