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    All Trailer Lights Work Except Driver Side Turn Signal

    To start off I am not very electrically proficient. I am in the process of restoring my trailer and I purchased a set of LED brake/tail/turn signal lights and some LED clearance lights. I wired the rear lights up first and noticed that my driver turn signal did not work. After some cussing and a long night I traced it back to my Jeeps coverter harness. I managed to get that fixed and all the rear lights worked properly.

    I started working on the clearance lights. I have two ambers up front, two on the front of the fenders, and two reds on the rear of the fenders. After tapping into the brown wires and running grounds they all work!

    But, as I started to do my final inspection, I noticed that the driver side brake light does not work. All of the running lights, clearance lights, and turn signals work correctly. Even the passenger brake light works. It is my understanding that the turn signal and brake lights are on the same yellow wire so I assume that if the turn signals work then there isn't a problem with the actual lights. Do I have another vehicle converter harness problem? What is going to be the best way to test and find out, or should I just purchase a new one?

    Thanks for your time!

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    The brake and TS are exactly the same from the connector to the light, so it's most likely in the tow vehicle. Sometimes the fastest test is to hook to another truck to verify.