Carolina Fishing Trail’s
Badin Lake Winter Series
Begins Sunday November 3rd, and will be every other weekend, with the last Tournament being February 9th
All tournaments blast off from Circle Drive. Blast off will be at safe light in the beginning, but will get later as it gets colder.
$40 entry fee per boat. You may fish alone or as a team.
Payback for First Place, Second Place and Big Fish
$20 – Goes to First Place
$10 – Goes to Second Place
$5 – Goes to Big Fish
$5 – Goes to end of the year pot.
$5 out of each entry fee will go into an end of the year payout. The team with the most weight for the season will win the payout. Payout will be awarded at the last tournament. (See next page for pay out examples)
Teams will be given a season number and a team card at the first tournament. Season weight will be for that team only. If you fish with a different partner, that will be considered a new team and your weight will go towards that team. Team must bring your team card to each tournament; weight will be added to your card.
You will be allowed to drop the weight of one (1) tournament for the season.
Payout Example: 50 Boats
1st Place - $1000.00
2nd Place - $500.00
Big Fish - $250.00
End of Year Pot - $250.00
(If an average of 50 boats fish each tournament, 8 tournaments, End of Year payout would be $2000.00)
As mentioned before, we will issue you a Team Card at the first tournament, and we will add your weight to your card at weigh in. We will also have a weight board with that day’s weight for each team.
For any questions, please contact Andy Nix at 336-689-5569
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