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    Re: skeeter trailers (Texas Larry)

    thanks texas larry. just got me a face full of rusty water today and my dewalt drill.
    danm you EZ loader again. be cool

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    Re: skeeter trailers (no land)

    no problems with my 07 trailer..i do have a semi-pinched wire in my swing away , but other than that she tows straight..maybe finally i got lucky and got a good one

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    Re: skeeter trailers (fishnmd)

    Brake Issues on my 2011 EZ Loader..

    Taking it in in 2 weeks and they are going to redo the brake system..

    Brakes kick in to early and then will not fully release..gets smoking hot...

    Everything else is awsome..

    (I can't believe the problems with the running boards...I am going to see about replacing them early)


    James T.

    2011 Skeeter 200 ZX
    2011 Yamaha 200 SHO

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    Re: skeeter trailers (fishnmd)

    I had an ez loader trailer on my triton. I had my ubolts snap from the axle. Drove 5 hours like that down 75. Don't know how it didnt kill us.

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    Re: (Meleagris1)

    <table width="90%" cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 align=center><tr><td>Quote, originally posted by Meleagris1 &raquo;</td></tr><tr><td class="quote">Reel man, the rope on my Fortrex came with a piece of heat shrink style tubing protecting it where it goes through the steel grommet, and after two years (one on the BASS Elite trail) no frays. </td></tr></table>

    +1 looks fine so far I think the heat shrink tubing really takes care of the rope.
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    "May the fish be with you"

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