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    99 skeeter zx202c taking on water

    I just bought the boat about 2 months ago and had a live well that was holding water. I pulled the batter tray and charger and followed the cable from the controls by the seat to the valve in the bottom of the boat. opened it up looked it over and reassembled and the controls started working again. Took the boat out yesterday and my bilge started kicking on every hour. I know that is whats leaking. My question is how can I test this thing so I know exactly where its leaking from? obviously I can fill up the livewell but im trying to think of a way to force water in the induction at the back of the boat.

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    Re: 99 skeeter zx202c taking on water (SkeeterHBK)

    A crack in the plumbing before it gets to the livewell valves drains is where I'd start looking

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