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    issues with SHO

    Looking to repower with a used SHO. Any issues, other than "making" oil", common? Other thinig sto look for or ask previous owner?

    He gave a ballpark of hours. He doesn't have a breakdown or a verified total as it hasn't been to the dealer this year and he's 2 hours away.

    I already called Yamaha with serial number. Seller is legit. I confirmed remaining warranty. Anything else?

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    Check the oil and if the oil is above the top mark, it probably has gas mixed with the oil (making oil). If this is the case, change the oil and filter, run it hard and get it as hot as possible (max RPM on long runs).

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    Thanks. Any other common issues to look for or be worried about?

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    Solid motor. Just get it serviced after you buy it if it has warranty.