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    Finally Losing weight - You have to figure out what works for you.

    I tried and tried to lose weight this year and finally gave it 90%+ attention.. here are MY Keys to me losing weight.. You need to cook and shop and eat your food without anyone else.. I eat eggs and (Tomatoes-really fill me up) and cook my meals for myself or if anyone is around I will ask them if they want some eggs. I will make their food first and then make my breakfast and eat somewhere alone with out distractions- TV or others asking is that all you are eating..You need to eat Breakfast that YOU Make yourself at the time you are hungry or on your time schedule. I shop for myself( 3 times a week and buy 1/3 of what I use to buy and stay to the outside of the store) and eat lot of red peppers, farmers market muskmelons and tomatoes.. I also don't eat out maybe 1 time a week and that is a beef sandwich dry or 1 pork taco(1 not 2 or 3) I taste my food and chew. No sweets, very little bread, BBQ my main meal at 12pm.. I also drink a protein shake Casein protein(releases slowly) and eat Italian ice cups (100 calories) instead of a half gallon of ice cream in 2 or 3 days.. The hardness part is not having your wife or friends cook for you if they usually did in the past. My frig looks empty compred to the old days and I actually feel hungry during the day.. Plus I walk even around the block early in the morning(good shoes) Menards- length wise before I shop) and around 6:30 around a grove or small park at least once. Also chart your walk and grades on food on a calendar.. But never have anyone cook for you or fast food-there is a appreciation of your meal when you prepare it yourself...Honey mustard instead of sweet ketchup or BBQ sauce- Don't eat out of a Box or a can.

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    Carnivore diet...………………………. You do that, you loose weight, period.

    • Fatty meat, especially beef
    • Lamb
    • Pork
    • Chicken
    • Fish
    • Low carbohydrates dairy products like butter, whipping cream and hard cheese