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    Hydrowave question

    Been around for a few years now, Do they work is the big question, what types of water are they best suited for? Deep, Swallow? Is there any proof out there if they really make a difference?

    Not wanting to start a debate here, just looking facts.
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    You will get mixed answers on this topic. I have one and can say without a doubt that running mine gets baitfish stirred up and some action going in the vicinity of my boat. I often have shad school around my boat when fishing offshore. Does it get me more bites??? Maybe....can't prove it necessarily but it gives me additional confidence that I will get a bite. I'm still learning and err toward running it less than more and quieter. I try to make it as "natural" as I can and not turn the volume up or run it continuous for too long. They are as effective deep as shallow IMO as well. Just my thoughts.
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    I have one and can't say that it really works or not. I don't use it when I first go out, then if they aren't biting I turn it on. In my mind I think, ohh the hydrowave wasn't on, now they'll bite! So it's more of a confidence thing than anything. I will tell you that the best fishing day or my life I had the hydrowave pumping out some power pattern tunes.

    I don't use it if I'm fishing shallow rock or if the lake is dead calm. I feel like it could create too much artificial noise in those scenarios.

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    I definitely see more shad around my boat now that I have one. I turn mine off when I'm flipping. Actually turn em all off. I never let it run continuously. Always a 30 second delay, sometimes 15. Personal favorite is Bait Blitz.
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