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    1996 Xpress h62 20' 200 Mariner Magnum EFI need some prop help

    1996 Xpress h62 200 Mariner Magnum EFI looking for some prop help ptp height is 4" and it had a 25p trophy plus 4 blade on it not alot of takeoff and hard to load itself on trailer has small plugs in it and 5000 rpm at 51 mph gps is all I can get out of it I have a older 24p trophy big barrel no plugs some slippage at take off 5400 rpm 55 gps with that prop need some help I feel like it out to get more out of it

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    Try a fury4 in 25 or 26 and youll love it

    xpress x19, 200ho G2, aluminum sawtooth cut prop, paper sack tackle storage, ugly stik pro team, color c-lector