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    Recarpeting 1 section at a time?

    Got my carpet in, but not sure I wanna knock it all out at once and leave my boat out of service during these months. Already got my casting deck recarpeted so thats done. Im thinking of doing the back area here pretty soon, and then finishing the middle section in a few months since ill need a new floor and that will take time to cut and seal properly.

    What do you all think of the idea of doing it piece by piece? Was planning to do everything behind the seats next and then fishing it a few months before finishing her up.

    Also...any tips for a first timer? Ive heard lay it all flat and in the same direction and that good scissors are worth it. Got any scissors you all wanna link me? anything else I should buy? gonna be using Henry Weatherpro for my adhesive. Contact cement isnt as forgiving as I would like it to be lol (used it on my casting deck).

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    Im doing the same thing with mine. doing the decks and leaving the middle for a later date, not wanting to take out the console right now. plus the carpet there is in good shape. and on the Scissors, I got mine on either Ebay or amazon. just put in carpet shears and search for them.