I have a few questions/needing advice. I recently purchased a 2006 G3 Eagle 175 with a 2005 Yamaha 90hp 2 stroke. It currently has a Solas 13.25x17 pitch ss prop on it that was on the boat when I bought it. The motor is mounted in the second hole from the top. The first couple of trips taking the boat out, it porpoised very badly. I could only run it up to about 37 mph(gps) before it got out of hand and about 4200-4300 rpm at WOT. So I bought a SE Sport hydrofoil and it solved the porposing issue, I can now trim a little past half way on my trim gauge, and the only part of the boat in the water is a little bit behind the seat. But with solving that issue, Iím still not at the correct rpm range at WOT that I should be. Currently, the best I can get is about 4600-4700 rpm WOT and 40mph with the current setup. My dad has a xpress with a ballistic 13.375x 19p ss prop that we put on just to see the difference. With the 19p prop it took alittle longer to plane out, which was expected, and only turned 4400-4500 rpm and 39 mph(gps). Iíve done several prop/pitch calculators that include slip and every single one that I do says for my 17p prop to run 40mph I would definitely have to be turning over 5000 rpm. So that is where I am getting a little confused. Would it be worth my time to try and find a friend or someone to possibly try a 15 pitch and see what that does? Or could it be that I should try a different brand 17p prop? Iím not worried about making the boatís top speed any higher, just want to run the motor higher up in the rpm range like it is supposed to. Any advise or tips would be helpful. Thanks in advance.