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    VHF Radio

    New to marine VHF radios. Will I have to have an antenna for a radio on my flats boat? Think about getting the Uniden 415 VHF radio.


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    Yes you will need an antenna for your radio. VHF works off of line of sight. That’s why you see 8’ antennas on offshore boats mounted at the highest point of the boat. While you will probably be close to shore being in a flats boat you can get away with a small antenna. On my flat bottom skiff I run two 36” stainless antennas mounted to the sides of the console. They are thinner and a lot more flexible than fiberglass. My bay boat has a 4’ fiberglass antenna mounted on top of the ttop.

    Another option would be a handheld VHF if you didn’t want an antenna sticking up.
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