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    Driving me crazy!

    Folks, I need some help here. I've got an 07 GSXR 600. The guy who owned it before me had the ECU flashed. I had it "re-set" and put a PC on it instead, but I still have an issue.

    When it's cold...say below 120, it stalls. After it gets warmed up, the rpms hang at like 6000. I just replaced the plugs, I've had it dyno'd, and I've already spent about $1400 trying to figure this out. My guess is there's something funky with the ECU from the flash job the guy had done. So...

    I need an ECM/ECU to troubleshoot whether or not thats my gremlin. Short of shelling out $400 for a used one, anyone got one they be willing to let me use to troubleshoot my problem? Long shot, I know. I'd be happy to pay all the mailing costs, obviously.

    Thanks for taking a minute to read.

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    So bring it to a shop and have them restore to factory settings and see what you get. Can’t be more than $150