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    Ultrex & Electronics mounting options

    Hey guys, I've got a question for you.

    I recently bought a Nitro Z8 that came with an Ultrex and no electronics in the front. The trolling motor foot pedal tray narrows down as it comes towards you, making it too small for the ultrex pedal. This means that the pedal had to be mounted more towards the front of the boat.

    The problem is, I'd like to get a ProCise Dek-It mount for the front electronics that goes across the pedal tray. However, because the pedal had to be mounted further forward there isn't really enough clearance for the pedal and my foot with the electronics mount there.

    So my options are to get a different style "RAM" mount (or Balzout or something), or cut the pedal tray wider so I can slide the ultrex pedal back more to allow room for the electronics bracket.

    Common sense says just get a Ram mount and be done with it, but I've never been one for common sense.

    What are your thoughts on widening the trolling tray, or cutting it out and putting in an aftermarket one? Is this way more work than it's worth? Also, I should note that I'd need to move the ultrex GPS sensor puck too to mount it.

    Here's some pics to help explain what I'm talking about:

    The current front deck, notice how far forward the pedal is and the placement of the ultrex puck:

    The mount I'd like to install, notice how far back the trolling pedal is:
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    I would ask this question over on the Nitro boards. There really isn't a good alternative. The tray on the Nitro is shallow enough that you're not getting the full benefit of a recess, however, it is what it is. Wouldn't think an aftermarket would help since the recess goes all the way to the front console. Maybe the Nitro boys can help.
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    I agree with John, ask over on the Nitro forum and see what guys are saying there - someone has already done this! That is a pretty bad design by Nitro to narrow it like that. And like John said, it's not very deep either...if you can cut it out and go with an aftermarket tray, everything will fit better. But that might be a lot of work...

    Good luck!
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    My advice would be to get a Ram swing arm mount it and mount it next to the tray as far forward as possible. The arm could be positioned toward the center and far enough forward to give you some room between the graph and the pedal.

    I had a Precision Sonar mount over my TM tray and just removed it and installed a Ram mount to give me more access to my cup and tool holders. I mounted mine where your heading sensor is.

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    ^^^^that^^^^^ or make your own to move it lower and farther forward. aluminum is easy to work with.
    I made one that fits over the bow panel.

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    I went with a ram mount

    TM-4 (1008 x 756).jpg
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to ask this over in the Nitro forum too. I was thinking I might be able to mount it in some way on that little panel right in front of the front of the pedal, next to the trim switch. Though I'm not sure it's sturdy enough for a big unit and the great lakes...something the Nitro guys might be able to anser

    Thanks again!

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