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    Re: ****Xpress Set-ups**** (FloorSander)

    I have the H-20 Bass boat with a 200 on it. I can tell you that a 115 will probably not reach a real 50 mph, much less cruise at that speed. If you could reach 50 mph you would be burning a lot more fuel than if you were running a 150.

    I live on a very busy river and see these boats all of the time. You should ask your dealer to give you a demo ride or to get one of his customers to let you ride. A 115 is a great motor on a smaller boat, but I think you will be really disappointed if you put that on a 20' boat. Will the 115 push your boat? Sure it will, but when you invest as much as these boats cost...better get the right motor or you'll never be satisfied.

    While talking about "how fast" I was running my boat yesterday and was noticing that my speedometer was showing about five to six mph faster than the gps. I watched the speedometer as I increased speed and at a real gps speed of 63, it was showing 70 mph.


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    Re: ****Xpress Set-ups**** (buddy_fuentes)

    I could not agree with Buddy anymore. My dealer talked me into a 2 stroke 90 Merc on my brand new HD 20 in 2007 which is a slower hull design than your H. I guess he had a surplus of these and wanted to move them. I was standing there with bucket full of hundreds telling him price does not matter what motor should I buy? His response was the extra several thousand dollars was not worth it. Boy was he wrong. I have been dreading that decision everyday since. I tweaked that 90 to the max and was able to get 42 gps max and had to smack its arse to get it. I have a rebuilt 2001 Merc 150 xr6 coming this Friday. I can't wait. If you are buying new get it right the first time. You are screwed when you try to upgrade motors after initial purchase. Some say go as big as you can afford I say go bigger than that!!!!!

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    Re: ****Xpress Set-ups**** (lonnie)

    Ran my dealer's new 2012 X-21 with an Etec 250. Twenty-six inch Raker. Bumped the rev limiter after climbing through 76mph GPS on the console in-dash HDS-7. Needs a bit more prop to bring down the rpms. No idea how fast this thing will run when proped out properly. Jack plate is all the way up and it still comes out of the hole like a rocket. He has a 2011 demo with a Yammy 225 HPDI that runs 70mph for about $6K less. Tough choice.

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    2010 h 17ss
    90hp yamaha
    6 inch th marine manual jp
    turbo 1 17
    5400rpm at 46gps trimmed out

    Was running right at 6000 with stock alum prop and then put on turbo 1 17 and down to 5400. Gonna try to mess around with setup to see if i can get the new prop to spin alittle better.

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    spanky what can i do to this turbo 1 17 to get the rpms up alittle. I havent had this h17ss long. I added 6in jp and turbo 1 17 and lost about 600 rpms. stock prop was alum white 13.25 x 17 but was a cleaver style and it ran close to 6000. everysince i bought the boat i have read alot of your set up tips and i am new to forum. Thanks.

    90 yamaha 2 stroke.

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    2006 X21TS with Yamaha 250 HPDI, Bob's 10" JP/ 2" spacers(running around 3" high depending on load and water), Yamaha T-1 27 pitch with Mark's magic to the prop. DSC03126.jpg Just what can happen when running at high speed on the river that has a lot of trash to your side imaging transducer before put on our Transducer shield and saver.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    12 lbs 9 oz caught on 4/28/1975 Lake Eufaula

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdlefty3 View Post
    Just got my new sprees xp180ss with 70 yamaha and was wondering if anyone had the same setup. What is the best performance prop or anything else you can help with.
    I have the same boat and motor, turning 5800 GPS 31.9

    I think I should be a bit faster than that

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    Thibodaux La
    2007 18' H56
    2011 Mercury 150 ProXS
    6" Hyd. CMC bolted to a 6" Manual JP
    24p Tempest Plus on the limiter at 5850, 66.6 mph gps
    23p TXP on the limiter, 67.7 mph
    24p TXP on the limiter, 68.3 mph
    These numbers are full fuel (30gal) all tackle & 1 person
    Lookin for a 25 TXP to try soon

    25 TXP 5850rpms, just me, light load, 18 gallons of fuel: 71.85mph
    2 people loaded to fish, 68.24mph
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    X19 Xpress/200SHO

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    batesville ar
    2000 x56
    2000 125 merc (with 2+2 cylinder design)
    4 1/2 inches below pad.
    23 4 blade ss prop 49.9mph on GPS
    22 laser 2 prop 44 mph on GPS

    my question is do i need to run a 24 laser 2 prop, I have seen alot of people running them props...

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    Springfield, Ga
    02 X-54

    New motor 2001 115hp Yamaha

    22 pitch PowertechTR04
    5800 rpm 3.5" below pad
    15 psi
    Light load

    23pitch Mercury 4 blade Trophy Plus.
    54mph 5800 rpm
    3.75" below pad
    12psi water
    Normal load with 2 people.

    briefly saw 58 mph at 6000 mph light load
    5 psi water, layed it back down quickly, but it was running right. This setup needs a low water pick to full potential with the trophy plus, rooster tail level with motor, minimal chine.

    02 90 hp Yamaha
    4" below pad
    7" jackplate
    17p Powertech PTR
    47 mph @ 6000 rpm's
    My self, some gear and 3/4 tank of fuel.
    This set up the boat needed more bow lift, and could take alot of trim.

    3.5" below pad
    19 Stilletto Advantage I, with factory pvs.
    46 mph @ 5700 rpm's
    Myself(170lbs), and passenger(200lbs), some gear and 1/2 tank of fuel.
    This setup is about right, runs high on the water like figerglass boat.
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    Austin, TX
    99 xpress 17 '...88 Suzuki 115
    21p ss 3blade
    47 mph on GPS @ 5500..
    Looking for more speed, wondering what type/ pitch prop are recommended for this rig

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    2004 X19 V150TLR 23p 4 blade(power tech) 55mph gps 5500 rpms no plate

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    Alexandria, Virginia
    2013 X 24 Catfish
    250 SHO
    10" Atlas jackplate
    Factory rod rack
    Fully enclosed bimini
    Lowrance HDS 12

    553030_10151842208202920_1422070206_n.jpg 1377452_10151898547967920_937582743_n.jpg 1463961_10151974603692920_762124200_n.jpg
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    2013 X24 Catfish, Yamaha 250 SHO

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    Thibodaux, LA
    My old rig -
    2004 X18
    2004 Evinrude 150 HO
    10" Slidemaster w/2" Bob's spacers
    24p Raker
    3" below pad
    65.4 GPS @ 5800 RPM with 3/4 tank and gear.
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    lafayette la
    2013 x19 ts black
    2013 150hpdi power tech 3 blade 23. 3 1/2 below pad
    5300 rpm 53-56 gps.
    6" jack plate
    min fourtrack 80
    humminbird 788cihd & 798sihd

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    Hineston , Louisiana
    2000 X56
    2000 125 Mercury 2+2
    24P 4 blade Spinelli
    8 Atlas Hydro
    5200 rpm 54-56 gps , 2 to 3 persons in the boat 50-51 gps (full tank and full livewell)
    3 1/2 " from pad.
    Lowrance dsi 5 front and console.

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    Sumter, SC
    2014 H17 w/ Tournament Package
    2014 Yamaha F70LA
    6" Jack plate
    13P PowerTech Stainless Prop
    MinnKota Fortex 80
    Hummingbird 858C HD in console
    Hummigbird 365Ci on bow

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    Central Illinois
    Hi all. New to forum. Was wondering what prop to use to get the best performance from a 2013 H18PFC with a Yamaha 150 4 stroke and a 6" jack plate.

    Thanks for any info.

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    2011 H18
    2008 Yamaha VMAX 150
    12" Slidemaster
    24" Turbo TXP Prop
    68.6 mph GPS @ 6150 RPMs
    15 gal of fuel
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    Raceland, LA
    H18 bass with ETEC 135 H.O. 10" jackplate. Boat is on order so I dont know which prop to go with yet. Any ideas

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