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    Jtomli, How many screws and what are the locations to remove the cap on the fuel tank?

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    Looks good. I will be doing that this winter. Glad to see your pictures of the seat cover removed. - DC
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    That carpet job looks fantastic! I have a 2004 Triton TR20X and would like to do the same, but affraid of the time it would take and if it would come out good or not. Shame you didn't live closer as I would pay you to do it lol

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    I am at the final stage of redoing my 2004 triton tr20 only need the trim the stuff I ordere wasn't the same as I took off the carpet. I was able to use the stuff I bought in the low cockpit area. I need a wider trim with a little lip on one side for back deck and front deck then project is complete. I can't find this any where all I seem to come across is a flat trim without the lip. There is a bit of a lip I need to put trim on and lip will hang over down to the carpet if that makes sense.

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    did you match the holes in the recess try with the carpet? the water has to drain.

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    One trick for the lids. I helped a friend re-carpet a couple of years ago. We used marine carpet adhesive everywhere. On the lids, we went to home depot and bought a half dozen 8' long 1x2's, which are really 3/4 x 1 1/2. We cut 'em to length, then put adhesive on the lid edge and the carpet (go easy, we did this to be sure everything was covered but not so much that it bleeds through). Then wrap it around and use two pieces of 1x2 pre-cut to length to hold the carpet rolled over the lip. Some C-clamps, and let it sit. It will be down solid. I dislike the contact cement for all the obvious reasons. Touch it down wrong once, and you have an issue to deal with.
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