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    HELP NEEDED!! 2001 Triton TX-186 w/ 2017 Vmax SHO 150--NO HOLESHOT


    I have a 2001 Triton TX-186 (dual console). It is basically the same as the TR-186, but it doesn’t have carpet and has an added baitwell in the back.

    I recently replaced the Mercury XR6 150 that came with the boat with a brand new Yamaha Vmax SHO 150. The hole shot on the new Vmax SHO 150 is almost nonexistent. It really struggles just to get on plane.

    I am using the 23p Tempest Plus prop that was on the Mercury with the new Vmax SHO. The Tempest has all of the large hole vent plugs installed. With the Vmax SHO, the center of the prop is sitting 4.25” below the bottom of the pad.(This seems kind of low to me)

    With 3/4 tank of gas, two adults, and the livewell 1/3 full; it bogs down and barely is able to get up on plane. It takes almost a full 20 seconds for the bow to drop at WOT with the motor trimmed down all the way. It maxes out at ~40k RPMs until it is able to get on plane. When I am finally able to get the boat on plane, I’m getting ~59-60k rpms and a top speed of ~55mph at WOT on plane. The prop seems like it slightly blowsout at WOT or when making turns..

    Hole shot hot is way more important to me than top end speed. As long as I can maintain at least 50mph top end speed w/ 2 adults, I would be happy.

    I already have $16k sunk into this motor and so far it has been a huge disappointment.

    I came here first because of all of the knowledgeable people on this forum. If one of you guys or gals can’t help me, then nobody can. If anyone can give me any suggestions on how to fix this issue, it would be much appreciated.


    2001 Triton TX-186 Dual Console
    6” manual jackplate

    2017 Yamaha Vmax SHO 150

    23p Tempest plus prop
    All Large hole vent plugs installed
    4.25” below pad

    20 second hole shot w/ livewell 1/3 full, 2 adults,
    and 2/3 tank of gas.

    ~40k max RPMs w/ motor trimmer down while trying to get on plane.

    ~60k RPMs @ WOT once on plane with motor trimmed up.

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    I have a Stratos 285 (18.6') with a Yamaha F150, different boat and engine...but my set-up experience with it may help. Most advise that four-strokes don't need prop venting and recommend solid plugs, I have found with my set-up, it bogs on take-off with solid plugs with all the props I have tried (Yamaha M, Turbo TXP, Tempest Plus, Trophy Plus, Power Tech TR04) and the plugs with the smallest holes perform best. Also, your prop-to-pad seems little low, I would try 4" and 3.75" below-the-pad if you haven't tried those heights yet. If none of that helps, Mark Craxton can rework your prop for better take off. All these things helped a little bit getting on plane quicker, but best thing I did to get on plane quicker, was add Attwood Gull Wings to the lower unit. Now I can get on plane in 2-3 seconds when I use full throttle and 4-5 seconds at half throttle.

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