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    Dialing it in... Advice Needed on Set Up

    2005 TR-196, 200 Optimax on an 8" manual jack plate, Tempest Plus 26

    After doing some motor work and getting it out on the water here's where I am. Note: all speeds are GPS, holeshot was only decent at either height, full load with 2 guys and ~25 gal of fuel

    First time out with original set up as I got it... 1.5" below pad, tempest plus 26, felt "squirrelly" the wole time and chine walk was severe at 58mph @ 4900 rpm (went no further)

    Second time out... moved to a starting point of 3" below pad, same prop, mild / severe chine at 62 @ 5200 rpm (went no further), Steering had a better feel, H2O 25psi

    Based on RPM there's still a lot to get out of it. I backed off after chinewalk was bad enough to make this experienced driver tighten up.

    Should I go down to a tempest plus 25?
    Suggested height?

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    Not the easiest combo to set up. And you will chine walk at the top speeds. So you will need to learn to drive. And the 1st part is balance. Put a level across your deck while in the water, how you will normally run the boat. Move weight around until it sits level left to right. also move heavy items to the rear. This alone makes the chine much easier to learn to drive. Also, 4 blade props walk less, and the higher the motor, usually the less tendency to chine walk. But you must first be balanced. Then take the next steps.

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    What model boat do you have? Also, do you have hydraulic or cable steering? I had a similar issue when I repowered my Stratos with a 200 EFI. Boat was scary to drive over 60 mph. I did some research and found a couple of tips which completely eliminated my chine walk. First, I followed the advice of John Tiger Jr in this article and adjusted my steering so there is no slack. Next, I pumped all the grease zerts on the outboard full of marine grease to keep the outboard tight. Finally, I made a torque tab out of JB Weld Steel Stick to help control the prop torque of my 25p Tempest+. I did all these modifications before going back to the lake, and chine walk was gone, and boat was tight as fast as I could get it to go.

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    You want to set the 26" tempest prop at 2.5" under pad. The higher you can run it the less it will walk but 1.5" is too high. Like John said balance the load keep all the heavy stuff in the rear and if you can find someone to show you how to drive it and handle the chine walk.

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    What part of KY are you in? I’m in northern Tn and have my second TR-196 and would be glad to help you with set up or getting the feel of driving it.