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    Anyone ever bought a boat from salvage and fixed it.

    been looking around possibly for a hull to put my motor on that is in better shape than my boat.
    found one of the online auction places and seeing some boats that are fairly new that don't seem to have a ton of damage.
    one looked like it was hit in the back on the motor and broke the mounting plate on the motor. but motor was there but was skinned up.
    boat has a bid of like $2100 on it now.

    anyone ever do something like this and regret it. I know taking a chance on something but just curious about it

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    It is risky business. I have done it twice. Both were good experiences. Caution however, especially when boat has been hit on the motor, the transom and transom support arms underneath need to be carefully checked out before hanging a motor on it.

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    VERY RISKY. Yes I have and still do on occasion, but they are totaled for a reason a lot of companies now are DAMN good at using thermal cameras and they can pinpoint de-lamination, broken stringers etc. when there are no signs of damage at all on the outside, so it might appear there is little damage to the boat when in fact it is NOT fixable.

    I know the exact boat you are talking about, it'll go over $20K probably more like $30K by the time the auction is over. I have NEVER done well buying a boat from an auction that I didn't know the history of, there are some very very rare cases where the customer has a mint boat and refuses to have it worked on and very rare occasion that the insurance company will total it on those claims. Once you own it, you own it up to you to fix it. I have bought a few boats from people that had the same idea as you and ended up not being able to fix it or they get in over there heads and we end up buying it and they lose money on the deal.

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    does this happen to be a blacked out 21 ft ranger? If so PM me