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    I am trying to install a remote drain plug on my phoenix boat and have ran into an issue that i am sure others have already ran into. The current drain hole is an inch and a 1/4 and the remote drain plug is an inch. what has everybody done to get the remote drain plug to fit?

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    I just did it and there is a post from a while back that shows it. All I did was cut the threaded portion off the stock chrome plug, grind down the inside stuff, ground down the remote housing (just a little), drilled new holes in the plastic housing to match the existing bolt holes. Put 4200 on everything and put it in. Here's what I'm learning now so a good warning. If you are using 4200 clean the area with acetone or it may not stick. A spot I did on the rubrail peeled right off like it never stuck so it has me a little worried about the plug. Plus the fact that since the change in taking in a little water but it could be from a livewell fitting also, i just haven't been able to check. This all started with a little leak I can't find and honestly, it's driving me crazy trying to find and fix it. I've fixed a couple but evidentally not the right one lol. The plug works great though

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    Threaded bushing if you can the correct thread pitch.
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    Installed one over a year ago, used a piece of 3\4 pvc hot. ground down outside to fit original housing dremal out inside to fit remote drain clean everything with laquar thinner use 3200 looks and works perfectly. Foget to add used chrome plate from original. About 2 hours to do.
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