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    Prop suggestions for bass tracker 175 with 60 mercury 4 stroke

    -my boat is currently super slow to get on plane. I was wondering if anyone had the same setup and had some success with a new prop

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    What can you tell us about your current setup, what prop and pitch, what are the RPM's and GPS speed at WOT, how much weight is the typical load, how high is the motor mounted?

    I have tried a couple different props... stock Merc 3 blade 14P aluminum (I think its a Black Max), Solas Amita4 13P, and Merc Trophy Sport 13P. All three seemed to get on plane fairly well, and havnt noticed much difference between them when it came to hole shot, but I usually dont have much weight in the boat. The stock 3 blade had the best top speed 38 mph GPS at 6000 rpm. The Solas Amita4 just didnt seem to have enough rake or cup, seemed to wash out too easily. The Trophy sport I have only managed to get to 36 mph so I lost a couple mph on the top, but might have a little better mid range handling? My motor may be mounted a bit too deep as well, as its mounted as low as it can go, and I would like to move it up a hole or two when I get the opportunity.
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