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    Merc 150hp

    I am currently running a Trophy 24 pitch 4 blade SS prop right now on a 481s ranger. with a Black max 150. At full throttle I get around 52-55 mph and pretty much maxed out on RPM 5800 . I would like a little more top end speed I know a 3 blade should give me that but then It might bring RPMS over . so my question is what pitch to go with on a 3 blade and keep my RPMS at or just under the 5800 RPM

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    There will be some guys come along that know a lot more than I do about props but it sounds like you have a lot slip going on. Do you know what your prop to pad measurement is? If your MPH and RPM's are correct I would lower it a bit to see if I could get some better bite. Also what do you know about the Trophy? It may need some attention. Like I said early some of the prop gurus will come along and offer better advise.

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    25m or25 tempest is my guess but I'll listen in to the other. I agree sound like u have lots of prop slip if your only getting that mph out of that prop

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    Even pitch trophys are notorious for being out of whack and slipping badly. Send it to Mark for a B&B, tell him how it's running and he'll fix it. Guaranteed.
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