Hello all and thanks for any help you can offer. I just bought a 2006 Triton SP185 aluminum bass boat with a 90 Etec on the back. The prop is an aluminum 13.25 by 17pitch. It comes on plane very fast and pulls very strong to 5500rpm BUT even at 44 on the GPS I canít trim the boat up much at all before it starts porpoising and the prop just blows out.

The anti cavitation plate plate is very close to being even with the bottom of the boat. Prop to pad seems to be around 5.5 to 6 inches, motor is mounted on the second hole with no JP.

I canít imagine this boat needs some fins on the motor! Is the pitch wrong? Is it the aluminum prop flexing? Iíve looked everywhere I can think of to see what props people run on this boat/motor combo but I come up with nothing! Ultimately Iíd like to get a nice SS prop but this doesnít appear to be an exact science!

Any help or recommendations you all can give will be greatly appreciated. Chris