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    Raymarine Wi-Fish

    Hey guys. Was browsing around on bass pro and came across that thing.

    Whats the deal with it?

    Does one have to use mobile data to give it an idea of where you're at or does it simply connect to your phone and transmit via the wi-fi connection for your real time graphing like a drones camera would?

    Also saw where some people said you could link it up with the navionics boating app, then i would think it would use mobile data. That would be a great feature to have for topo's and whatnot.

    Is it very dependable? I've seen tons of bad reviews for it on amazon but figured it could've been the operator and not the apparatus, so why not ask the experts.

    Enlighten me if any of yun's can, Thanks all.

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    No data used. WiFish transmits DownVision only to an iPad. It’s good, but I’d buy a Dragonfly 4 Pro instead. Should be able to find one for $250. That way you get the Navionics mapping on the unit and you can stream Sonar and DownVision (not just DV) to an iPad or tablet. Basically you end up with a 7” screen for pretty inexpensive.