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    Ranger R83

    Right now I am running 61 GPS at 5400 RPM's 150 ox66 25m Prop. No jack plate, prop it nicked up pretty bad and am wondering what prop to switch to? Do I stick with Yamaha and go pro series and drop to a 23p or try something else? Seems RPMS could come up a bit. What spends could I realistically see out of this boat with or without jackplate and the right prop?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Not knowing all of your particulars,like how deep the prop is now and what boat,this is a guess. With a jack plate raising the engine higher,you might get a 25 m up to good rpm and gain speed. With no plate,only way to get rpm up is to decrease pitch. If your numbers are true now,I would get that prop worked back to original or buy a good one and put on a JP. More speed is always a plus.Sorry,I see now it is an R 83. Put a 6” plate on it.