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    Livewell Overflow: Better to Drain Above or Below Waterline?

    Final project on my boat is to set up a new twin-baitwell/livewell system... already decided on a Flowrite v4 system fed with a single pump, but I'm going back and forth now on whether the overflows in each well should drain to the side of the boat (above the waterline) or to the transom (below the waterline). Obviously, going out the side is a shorter hose run and doesn't carry the risk of another hole underwater, so that was my original plan, but my buddy insists that draining to the transom is superior. His logic: a) if the flow from the drain isn't forceful enough to create a "peeing" effect, the overflow water will simply run down and stain the side of the boat and b) if it does pee, he insists that fish will be scared away from the splashing water.

    At least for the foreseeable future, when the system's turned on, it's going to be used as a baitwell 90-95% of the time, i.e. mostly for leisure purposes, not in tournament/competitive formats (in which case, I'd probably be in an "ice & re-circ" mode anyway). If I was doing more flipping/pitching, maybe the noise would be a consideration, but given the vast majority of my day is either casting shallow waters or jigging/trolling in deeper waters, I don't see how fish 20-30 yards away (or 40-50 feet deep) are going to be scared off by my overflow.

    Am I overlooking something here?

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    My rule of thumb is to drill as few of holes in the transom as possible. I would go out the side above the waterline.
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    i would drain into the bilge, and pump it out, before drilling holes under water line

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    So what was the final outcome? Any pics?