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    Rpms too high. Nitro 901

    I am looking for advice on the puchase of a new prop or setup to get my rpms down. I have a 2003 Nitro 901 with a 2003 Mercurt 200 EFI. I am running a 23 pitch Tempest Plus with 2 plugs removed. PTP is at 3 1/2 inches. It has the factory jack plate that you have to unbolt the engine to adjust, 3/4 inches per hole and it is currently positioned in the center hole of the five available. The RPMS at WOT is 6300 ( I only ran there for the information). It runs 64.4 mph gps.The roostertail is just barely above the engine hood. It has chine walk at full throttle but I can drive through it. Steering is easy. Holeshot at about 4 sec. I am not looking for more speed but rather to get my RPMS down to around 5800 and to still have a decent holeshot. Thanks for any recomendations.

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    25 tempest will drop your rpms down to 5,800.
    But on that hull the holeshot is going to be awful.

    I'd have your tach checked out, that motor will be screaming at you past 5,800 rpms, if it's not your tach is wrong.
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    sand springs, ok
    I'd have Mark pitch your prop up to a 24 with a B&B.
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