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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveAus View Post
    I just purchased a one owner 1995 Stratos 278 FS in really good shape with the exception of some minor electrical issues (i.e. corroded switch terminals and poor owner installed connections). Does anyone have an electrical wiring schematic for my boat?

    If not, one problem I haven't been able to resolve is the radio, it is a factory installed unit in the glove box but power isn't getting to it. It uses the original wiring harness which goes down the port side, across the back and then back up to the dash on the starboard side. I figured power would come off one of the accessory switches but I have power coming off both of them. I also have good power coming off the main power switch. Not sure where I'm losing the power. Where does the radio power come from? I couldn't find any fuses in the parts of the wiring harness I could see.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I finally found some schematics to go by and found my problem was a short. The wiring diagram was close but not exact because of the options I had on board my specific boat. I tried to narrow the short down but couldn't due to not being able to access the whole run. It had to be a wire to wire short because of the boat being fiberglass and no chassis ground. I ended up pulling a new run and and took the Nav/Light switch out and cleaned up the terminal connections and installed a inline fuse to match the amps being drawn. All is good in the neighborhood now and the cooler is being filled with nice Bull Reds here on the Gulf Coast. If you have good knowledge of Marine electrical systems and how they work using positive polarity instead of negative then everything will become more clear. The best bet is to get the right gauge of wire and and make things simple by hooking the radio up not using previous installed wiring. Once you have it working then fish the new wire through the hull where needed and check the amps being drawn then install a inline fuse to match and your local marine store or Carol at can hook you up with any Carling Switches you may need to match your switch panel on board. Hope this helps... JJ

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    Interesting. I have the same boat, second owner, but the original was my father-in-law. Wonder if one of the radios was dealer installed. Mine was always direct wired to the starting battery with a fuse, but no switch (Yes ring terminals stacked with the battery cables). It always had very poor reception and never got used. Just a couple years ago I took it out and found the antenna wires rolled up in a ball in the glovebox behind the radio. Unrolled them and voila, radio reception.

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    I just bought a 1996 Stratos 268 VDC and I would like to replace the carpeting over the winter. I thought I would rewire while the decks are off. Would you have wiring schematics for this boat.

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    Hey Gents,
    I have a 2005 200 Pro XL that I'm pretty positive has some crossed wires from the previous owners. Before I go by the initial wiring diagram provided on the first page does anyone know for sure those still apply to the 200? I spoke with Stratos and she said she could only go back to 2006 on diagrams and such. I appreciate you all in advance.

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    I have 2 sets and 1 of wire(s) that i have no idea where they go, on my 1998 Javelin 400dc right hand side panel of switches, 2 are gray/wht and one black/yellow that is near the ingnition switch. anyone have any ideas?

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    I have a 1999 javelin renegade 18. What wiring diagram do i use?

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    Hi Carol, I am new here and really need some help. I have a 93 Javelin 409T with a wiring problem in the livewell circuit. Would you possibly have a diagram that would help me sort out tis mess?

    Thanks, Joe

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    I have a 95 Stratos 278 I just changed out the batteries. Some how I did something. My Nav Lights, Pumps, gauge lights and Bow Hummingbird stopped working. I have been trying to find the problem for 2-weeks. I have checked every wire and fuses I find all seem to be ok. Help Please.

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    If anyone needs PDF copies of any wiring diagrams, please email me at Include year make and model of the boat. I will be happy to send any information I have. And if I don't have something that is exact, I will send as close and I have. Thanks!!!!

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    Carol I sent you a PM about a part for a Triton Boat. Thanks

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    Which switch controls the storage compartment lights? Cannot find anythingtied to them. 2006 Stratos 294.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larz1947 View Post
    Which switch controls the storage compartment lights? Cannot find anythingtied to them. 2006 Stratos 294.
    I sent you a schematic.

    The 2006 brochure indicates that the 294 does not have compartment/courtesy lights as standard eqipment, but it was an available option.

    Is this your helm?
    stratos-294-pro-xl helm.jpg
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    Anyone know what happen to the photos in the OP? They appear all blurred out with the Photobucket logo on them and you cant make anything out. Could really use a schematic for a 2005 Stratos 201 Pro XL. Trying to do some wire clean up on my from the previous owners hack job and I am a bit confused.

    Thanks in advance!

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    How close is this for a 1991 javelin 409

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