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    96 Basscat Eyra

    I posted this in the props forum and evidently it is more of a set up question than a prop question so I copied it here. I have a 1996 Bass Cat Eyra with a Mariner 175 EFI. It turns a 25 Tempest 3.25" below pad about 5900 rpm at 69-70 mph but is a nasty handful to drive above 65 mph. I recently was given a 23 pitch A41 Trophy (large hub) and tried it to see if it would handle any better and have been disappointed in both holeshot and top end. Prop ventilates terribly while getting on plane and runs 63 mph @ 6400 rpm. I've run small hub trophys on other hulls that didn't ventilate this badly. I'd hoped that the Trophy would help holeshot and make the little Cat a bit easier to drive on the top end. Any suggestions as to height below pad, anything?

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    Your boat isn't broken.
    If I "FIX" the chine walk, it won't run as hard.
    There are plenty of us that can give you a fifteen minute driving lesson, just like any other learned skill, you can spend months trying to figure it out on your own or minutes learning with instruction.
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    I owned a 94 Eyra with a 175 EFI. If you were seeing 69-70, you had it dialed in. Go back to your original setup.