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    What Point Do Bonds Look Good

    I have a good amount of cash sitting in a money market and waiting for short term rates to climb a bit more. Was looking at some short term investment grade bond mutual funds to keep some of the cash but with three more hikes projected I'm going to wait a bit longer. If we hit 4% on short term investment grade yields then it starts looking tempting. Anyone been thinking about pulling the trigger?

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    The wife and I are in our 30's so no bonds for us anytime soon. Now in 20 years, I will start looking, but I still need to learn the ins and outs of bonds and bond funds.
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    IMO, you should be looking at something along the lines of a Vanguard Target Date fund.
    Keeps you from being worried about balance, timing, etc. Just invest and rest.
    The funds are actively managed and perform very well. Fidelity has a few good choices too.
    I'm a big believer in a 'hands off' approach to investment, leave it to the pros.
    Of course, you'll want to ensure the rest of your asset base is well diversified as well.
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