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    1990 Dyna Track Ebb Tide Fish & Ski livewell question.

    My first post because I need some help. I purchased a 1990 Ebb-Tide Dyna-Track SS185 Fish & Ski. Bought it last fall and only had it out once in the fall and never tried the live well. Got it all ready to go this winter and dropped it in last week at our campsite. While I was away from the campsite for the week the live well filled up with water. Ok, I found the "Drain Control" which is a black lever behind the drivers seat with a cable to a valve and realized I had left it OPEN so I assume that allowed water to fill to the lake level. Here's my problem, the valve says OPEN or CLOSED. But my dash switch is a two way switch that seems to only fill. The center is off and when I turn it on to the right I get water coming in When I flip it left, I still get water coming in (or maybe recirculating on one setting and filling on the other not sure). How do you drain out the water? I also have another separate switch that aerates the well, but still no way to pump water out that I can find. There is a drain hole on the bottom of the well, and the inlet is the top pipe with holes in it spraying in water. Then there's also a line coming in that has a screen cap on it that blows air in when I turn on the aerate switch. I've never had a live well before in case you couldn't tell :-) Can't figure out how to drain it! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    typically you just leave the valve to open and it drains out - is your live well manually plugged by something?
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    It will drain when you pull your boat out. Or leave the black lever on “open” and get up on plane - that will let most of the water drain out - while your still on plane have someone flip that lever to closed.