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    Panoptix and docks

    Seriously considering getting a Panoptix setup for the bow. Does anyone here have a good picture of the image it provides when you aim it at a dock? Are you able to see fish in there, or do the dock posts block the view? I know with structure scan (sorry coming from the lowrance world!) you get shadows behind structure, but I'm curious what it looks like on panoptix.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Panoptics is totally different than side imaging.....but the same as the signal can not penetrate the the object.....I say it will be better cause you can sit still and scan with the tm to see if there are is a pretty cool tool.....
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    like FC said, panoptics also is live view so you can see the fish move so many applications one example trolling a drop off horizontal or along it. Point it to the top of the slope, shows exact distance to the drop or weed edge for that matter. Example: PS-31 indicates 31' to the top of the slope, set a planer board to keep a crank bait at 30'.

    Then follow with a PS 30 to sweep the drop as you move over or along it....My 3rd season with this technology like so many of us learn every day.

    As far as docks, can see the poles in the water and fish under it...sorry don't have under docks shots. Am bad as always fishing my goal this year is to take more screen shots to share sorry.

    Off track,I attached some photos taken
    of a couple species of fish that cruise off the top of a drop off. View towards the shallows. If you position or try to on top of these fish they spook. Panoptics allows me to shoot into the weed edge to spot fish a long it.
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