Went by the local bike show today to see what was being shown. Ton of new bikes with many of them pushing the new Indians. Like the bagger edition but would like to ride one to see how they are.
Some of the bikes there to show were just crap... I'm open to any custom ideas but many were just roaches with wheels. A few of the usual big front wheel baggers but even those, the front tire size is approaching truck tire height.
There was one company called LV'S House of Boost that had some really nice turbo kits and a sweet street glide in a crazy orange neon paint job. http://www.hotbikeweb.com/hot-bike-model-lana-paige
Their turbo kits were like five grand though... Pretty steep to me..
Was nice to get out with the wife and check out some bikes with the cold rain we had going on.