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    Question Dual Bow Unit Wiring

    I'm looking for some input on the wiring for powering dual Helix 9's (Di & Si) on a stack mount at the bow on a 2017 721 ProXp.

    1) How did you guys go about the wiring for power with dual unit set ups?
    2) Did you run separate wiring from a fuse block to each unit or tie everything into the existing power at the bow?

    I think the existing wiring at the bow that my flush mounted Helix 9 is currently connected to is 10 gauge wiring? I also have a H2 hydrowave currently connected to the power that the existing sonar unit is connected to.
    Any thoughts and input greatly appreciated.
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    Pull at least #8 up to run the graphs then hook your hydrowave to the existing #10.

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    Wire them directly to the battery. Use a separate on/off switch if you want. Same with the console unit/units.
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    I wired both mine too the factory wiring haven’t had any problems did the same at the bow if I ever have any problems I’ll run more wires I’m not wasting the time if I don’t have too
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    Here is what i just did on my bow....i replaced my unit with a Garmin and Panopitx and now added the Ultrex.....all 3 items requires power, so i ended up buying a Blue Sea dual buss bar, connected the main power up front to the bar and then added the unit, panoptix and MK puck sensor to the bar....tried it out this weekend when i setup the far so good....if i have power issues, i'll run a bigger wire from the block to fuse block in dash.....
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