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    Best prop for a Pantera 2

    I have a 92 Pantera 2 with a 97 Yamaha prov 200. The prop I currently have is a 24 pitch four blade that came on the motor when I replaced it. Holeshot is really good with this prop but looking for one with a higher top end. I am currently running 5200 rpm with a top speed at 58 with 15 gallons of gas a heavy load and two guys. What prop are you guys running on your p2 and what kind of speed are you getting.

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    Don't know about the pro v but that boat loaded and two guys should see mid to low 60's I would believe. There are several with different variations of Mercury motors running mid to high 60's and a couple with the DFI optimax in the low 70's. On that era hull. Those are " supposed to numbers via previous discussions with owners"